Remote Employee Plan: How to Build a Remote Workforce Blueprint

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The Remote Employee Plan is a guide for companies looking to build remote workforces. This book is filled with tools and resources to help you create a blueprint for your company’s future.

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Workforce Blueprint is a guide for remote work, with tips and tools to help you create and maintain a successful remote workforce. It’s for both employers and employees, and it’s full of great ideas that will help you make the most of your time.

1: High-Quality E-Book​
+24,000 words (70+ pages) of 100% Unique Content​, pdf-file

2: Employer’s Action Guide
Exact Steps, Tools, and Proven Best Practices to help any business

3: Team Agreement
Use this template to set up your remote team agreement. You’ll find all the necessary tools, processes, and templates here so you can be successful. word-format. editable

4: Resource Report​
This report will explore how to use the principles of remote team management to build an efficient and effective remote team.

5: Mind Maps
This mind map will outline the steps to take for your remote team’s collaboration, communication, and information

9 files, pdf, docx, and png. instant download



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