8 Professional Onboarding New Hire Presentation in PowerPoint Format – Design Templates

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8 slide decks designed templates. Onboarding new hire presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint format. Editable.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get new hires up to speed without all of the boring onboarding meetings? Introducing 8 slide decks that can be used as templates for your next onboarding. All of our presentations are in Microsoft PowerPoint format. They’re ready to use, editable, and free to distribute.

  1. Hire White Green and Violet Presentation.pptx
  2. Onboarding White Black and Beige Presentation.pptx
  3. Onboarding Beige and Brown Presentation.pptx
  4. Onboarding Blue Presentation.pptx
  5. Onboarding Blue White and Cyan Presentation.pptx
  6. Onboarding Colorful Presentation.pptx
  7. Onboarding Healthcare Presentation.pptx
  8. Onboarding New Hire Presentation.pptx


  1. remoteworker

    8 Professional Onboarding New Hire Presentations are great PowerPoint presentations that will really help with onboarding new hires. It’s got everything that you need for a good presentation — catchy graphics, persuasive words, and statistics. I wish I had found this earlier!

    – Lisa

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