Create optimally functioning remote teams – workshop training and Workbook

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Leadership training course for remote workers. The course provides workshop templates and information on the best practices and strategies to help remote teams be more productive.

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Leadership training for remote workers. Fully customizable and providing a comprehensive step-by-step process, the content is designed to help you and your team get more productive in both theory & practice.

Remote management and global teamwork are changing the way we work. This workshop template will teach your team how to be more productive, more effective, and drive success.

In today’s market, it is imperative to push the envelope on ways to increase productivity whilst still maintaining quality. Creating a high-performance team of remote employees well trained in your company’s procedures is another way of securing higher productivity. A high-performance team can be used in many areas of a company – from management to public relations.

Educational, well-written, and organized lessons help teach you a new skill step by step. You also get many types of examples.

You will find workshop templates for a variety of roles here. You should take the time to go through these and use them as learning material for targeted groups such as leaders, project managers, new leaders, business leaders, and sales management.

Here are some of the skills you will have after attending this workshop: What is a high-performance team and how are they formed? How do we create remote teams that work as well in person? How do we build cohesive teams that work well together?

When it comes to high-performance teams, communication skills reign supreme. Learn how to train your remote employees, manage a high-performing team and conduct an effective meeting.

This course features an array of materials including case studies, presenter slides, and a training PowerPoint file.

55 presenter slides, pptx, 50p Training Manual, doc

+ presenter sildes / script. Training Manual

High Performance Teams Remote Workforce presentation education.pptx

High Performance Teams Remote Workforce presenter slides.pdf

High Performance Teams Remote Workforce Training Manual.doc


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